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Atlantic Power Sales is a world class organization providing quality technical sales of premiere products and services to electric power utilities and industry. Our market focus is the Investor Owned Utility, Electric Cooperatives, Municipals, Consulting Engineering Firms, Government facilities, and large Industrial customers in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Maryland. Our goal is to aggressively represent our principals by promoting their products and services to our customers in an atmosphere of integrity and trust. Our customers view us as a partner providing a solution for a new project or modernized equipment when needed.
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Engineered Solutions

Specialize in bringing together the right companies to deliver sound engineering solutions.

On time & budget!

Power Systems are very complex. It takes partners you can trust to deliver quality engineered solutions on time and on budget.

Quality Engineering

APS can help you achieve your project’s technical requirements, while delivering the quality engineering you expect.

Providing Impact around the Mid Atlantic

Our dedicated, knowledgeable staff has an extensive understanding of technology—as well as an in-depth knowledge of how to apply this technology to provide the right solution for the customer.

APS can deliver

Whether it is protection of electrical equipment, integration of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED’s) with a SCADA master, or an engineered solution such as a turnkey substation control house with relay panels.

Led by Mark Lanier, Michael Boughman and John Shelton, APS has a wealth of knowledge of the electrical system.